New years eve message from Yod 2018

Today more and more people ask themselves how it will continue. If we can manage it or all goes down the drain.

„Only consciousness can change something“

This is the most important sentence, let that sink deep into your memory.

Everything else is not an change. A good perfect „Red-Green“ Game…and all keeps as it is…as has been many millennia long.

Let us now look what went wrong…and how we can realy change „all“

It depends on you.

As i have been over and over to Punjab, India at Osho, i could often see how somebody from the audience was cleaning with total devotion. So i felt drawn to do the toilet cleaning.

By that i realized, that it is a strong Act if one what ever does in a different Quality.

Than it becomes total unimportant what ones does.

We all are trapped in our programmed View about the world.

We are moody, bitch around as we have learned it.

Creativity means, to do it as you would without any Programming. 

So as the collective would do.
So as love would do.
So as you would do with a godlike responsibility.

This of course is a big risk for you …

To live different, see the things different, act different.

It is not a specific action, which is creative, not just dancing or painting…but the quality „your acting“ gets.

It is how you perceive things, its the quality which you implement in every action.

As to put it down to scratch:

When ever what ever you do do with joy than your creative.

When all you do you do with a loving attitude, than you are creative.

If you don’t do to gain power, money wise, out of economic reason, than you’re creative by what you do.

If you grow by that, get home by it, comes to your core self, than its creative.

Out of this follows, the more creative you get the more devine you become.

If you want to follow the divine become a creator like him. He is creative.

Even the smallest will grow big and important when touched by love and done with joy.

With every creative action you will prettify the world, in reach her. You won’t take from her.

You are the greater, who else ?

Don’t wait till the world turns and becomes nicer.

The more devine and creative you get, the more the world will change.

But don’t be to ambitious. An ambitious human can not be creative. He can not love the action out of itself.

He lives in the future.

Take you life into your own hands.

Let go all conditioning.

Clean yourself from all what you’ve learned in childhood, let off all that and you’re devine creativity will more and more shine through.

You have to do it, who else ?

With that…into a good new year.


(Übersetzt ins Englische von Tobias Rauchschindel)


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